In seaside tourism destinations, two temporal levels overlap, constructing two only apparently parallel narratives. On the one hand there is tourism with its own seasonality, and on the other the life of those who reside there and interface with the permanent dynamics linked to the territory. Both of these temporalities determine spatial phenomena that contribute to constructing, altering and redefining both the physical and perceptual structure of the landscape.

The tourist searches the real landscape for an image built in his mind, the host tries to provide it to him in the most efficient way while having to live all year round with the transformations that this process triggers: from the dynamics of coastal erosion to the permanent landscape of the seaside culture made of recreational devices such as deckchairs and beach umbrellas. The experience of the landscape as an object of consumption or fetish coexists with deeper forms of relationship with the territory, which are expressed in historical evocations and local traditions.

The project for San Terenzo thus aims to investigate this complexity through a programme that would make the exhibition itself an opportunity to combine the tourist vocation of the place with the processes through which people identify with their territory.

Balneare - ATAL
Talk - Beatrice Moretti (UniGe), Giovanni Piovene e Marco Ghetti (Piovenefabi), Carlotta Franco (Eterotopia), Collettivo Nassa
Ipnospiaggia - Lucia Croci Candiani
Post Coast - Collettivo Crtl+S
Notturno di sabbia - Filippo Elgorni, Riccardo Orsini, Joseph Rigo
Cosa tutto c'era - Giovanni Emilio Galanello, Francesca Gotti
Monesteroli, 16 houses and 1200 steps - Michele Porcelluzzi
Microelements towards macro(elements)voids - Celeste Tellarini
Ponente, sull’Aurelia - Mattia Tettoni
Erased Landscape - Andrea Elia Zanini

© Filippo Elgorni, Riccardo Orsini

Curators: Ilaria Brianti, Federico Godino

Contributors: Collettivo ctrl+s, Lucia Croci Candiani, Filippo Elgorni, Riccardo Orsini e Joseph Rigo, Francesca Gotti e Giovanni Emilio Galanello, Michele Porcelluzzi, Mattia Tettoni, Celeste Tellarini, Andrea Elia Zanini

Exhibition design: Pietro Nobili Vitelleschi, Joseph Rigo

Team: Ilaria Brianti, Ginevra Cairoli, Francesca Calvelli, Lucia Croci Candiani, Filippo Elgorni, Federico Godino, Laura Ingargiola, Erpinio Labrozzi, Pietro Nobili Vitelleschi, Riccardo Orsini, Alessandro Pasero, Michele Porcelluzzi, Eleonora Valle, Francesca Venini, Marzia Zulli Supervision and coordination board: Beatrice Balducci, Francesca Calvelli, Pietro Nobili Vitelleschi, Michele Porcelluzzi, Joseph Rigo

In collaboration with Direzione Regionale Musei Liguria, Castello di San Terenzo, supported by Comune di Lerici, ProLoco di San Terenzo, la Spiaggia di San Terenzo

Thanks to everyone who contributed through fundraising


 Assume There’s a Landscape is a collective work investigating the non-urban realm                Assume There’s a Landscape is a collective work investigating the non-urban realm                 Assume There’s a Landscape is a collective work investigating the non-urban realm