Landscape of Acts

Collettivo Ctrl+S

Collettivo Ctrl+S is a group of people who decided to come together because they are united by the same purpose, generating reactions and emotions through counter-responses to the negative practices widespread in the world of Italian architecture.
They believe in the need for an educational architecture, which speaks to the new generations and interchanges with the old ones, to intercept the issues towards the world is projected.
They believe in the social value and in the design responsibility of public spaces that become bearers of unique and shared experiences.
They believe in a field approach and in the population’s involvement because they are the only tools to thoroughly investigate the culture of a place.
They believe in the urgency of an action in forgotten urban facts, in reality towns on the margins and in compromised landscapes. They believe in multi-disciplinarity because architecture stands in every human experience.
They believe in every form of human expression and in the fight against discrimination.

Our contribution to the dialogue about landscape collects a series of theoretical reflections arising from “acts” come off in small Italian rural realities. The word acts defines the ephemeral characters of the projects proposed here, but it’s more than that. Act is seen as physical action, movement, collective construction where architecture becomes the medium to tell the story of a choral work.

In the small urban realities in which we have worked, we have established synergies with lots of associative and administrative realities. Together with them, we have built and shaped ideas aimed at generating social value.

Our work was therefore not limited only to preliminary research, careful observation of the context and the architectural project but also involved entities and funds to realize visions born from, and for, these places.

In these circumstances, the architect has also taken on the role of the organizer who, through a multidisciplinary approach, conveys ideas, phenomena, people and their wishes to concrete manifestations, using contemporary tools and working in together with communities to realise a ground up approach to regeneration.

Our interest therefore does not fall only in the final artifact, but focuses on the process.

Abusiveness, exploitation and absence of culture have led to an unsustainable degeneration of the contemporary concept of beauty.

The identity of many small urban realities risks being irreversibly compromised due to political and economic choices that are often irreconcilable with those of the genius loci.

Architecture can be an effective tool to live places through new methods of research and action, aiming a collaboration made with several hands, with several minds and trying to restore those ethical, social and formal values that places - and non-places - have, to relocate them in a contemporary context that speaks to the global.

 Assume There’s a Landscape is a collective work investigating the non-urban realm                Assume There’s a Landscape is a collective work investigating the non-urban realm                 Assume There’s a Landscape is a collective work investigating the non-urban realm